Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Early Signs of Easter 2018

Easter starts with the arrival of the Easter bunnies: 

Bunny Bluejacket

Chocolate Bunnies

Bunny Whitetail

The Easter bunnies are soon joined by the Easter eggs: 

Hens lay Easter eggs. Hens are able to thrive in a suitable environment. The hens in my picture are very lucky. They able to scratch a living, as we say. 

Most hens have to struggle along in commercial egg factories and exist for no reward in crowded conditions. 

Easter Egg Farm

What is Easter for?

For me Easter is a time to think about man's inhumanity to man.  Jesus, as I understand it, was convicted of being the King of the Jews. That's what INRI means. Pontius Pilate in his wisdom washed his hands of the whole dirty business and ordered the INRI sign to be fixed to the cross.  

I am not a follower of any particular faith. I have no axe to grind. I can only say that I believe that Jesus said he was a son of God and a son of man, as we all are. 

I know what is written. But I believe, as do others who have researched these matters, that the word 'the' was substituted for the word 'a'. The reason can only be guessed at, I would say. 

I don't believe Jesus ever claimed to be the son of God.

Why do I say this?

The reason is found in the Lord's Prayer. The first two words are enough: Our father . . .

The Lord's Prayer comes from the mouth of Jesus himself.

'Our father' simply means the father of all of us.

There is no hocus-pocus to this.

By saying the word 'our' Jesus was saying in effect that everyone is a son of God. 

He is not saying that he alone is the son of God. If he had said that was the case then the Lord's Prayer would start with the words 'My father . . .' and it doesn't and never has.

The book on my desk begins:
It was a bright cold day in April
(This year Easter Sunday falls on 1st April,
In 1984 Easter Sunday fell on 22nd April)

Monday, 19 March 2018

UK Ex-Ambassador Questions More

"BBC is a state propaganda organization . . . everybody refuses to ask the right questions."
- Craig Murray.

20% 0ff?

Question 1:  

Would you pay 2 pounds 34 pence for 2 lbs 3 oz of sausage? (Metric equivalent: 2 euros and 66 cents per kilo)  The price shown in the newspaper advert is for 1.5 kilos of sausage. 

Question 2: Would you feed it to your children? 

Question 3: Would you eat it yourself?

Question 4: Would you feed it to your dog?

Question 5: Would you let your dog eat it?

Question 6: Would you try and feed it to your cat?

Question 7: Would your cat eat it?

Question 8: Do you think the 20% Cheaper! flash would persuade you to buy the product? 

Question 9: Would you serve this product to your friends?  

Question 10: Would you do any or all of the above if the product was labelled "Quality from Austria".** 

** "Quality from Austria" means only that a product was 'produced' in Austria. It doesn't mean that the raw materials, that is to say the ingredients, are from Austria. Hardly anybody knows where they come from!  Meaning of labels: from website of  Konsument  Consumer Magazine - '20 Sausages Tested' (2010).

Bonus Question:  Why is animal welfare important?

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Reading the tea leaves

I nearly bought some INDIAN TEA.

But then I put on my spectacles and studied the small print on the back of the box.

In today's world the small print on the other side is where the real information is often hidden.

The miniscule is now essential reading.  

The small print said:  50% Asian tea and 50% African tea.

No mention of Indian tea.

Small print ps:

At JohnPilger.com there's a new item titled: Assange was set up . . . 

Have a cup of tea and listen to it. It's quite interesting. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

EINSTEIN=E=MC^2 (Part 2)

The exhibit known as the Einstein Museum is to be found at no. 5 Helvetiaplatz which is the address of  the Bern History Museum. 

The Einstein House visited in Part 1 of this post is situated at no. 49 Krammgasse, on the opposite side of the River Aare.  It is one tram stop from Bern's landmark clock - the Zytglogge - which was at the time of my visit hidden behind scaffolding and undergoing cleaning and maintenance. 

L'escalier aux mille miroirs

In an area of 1,000 sq m lavishly staged memorabilia, written records and film documentaries describe Einstein's life and at the same time illustrate the history of the 20th century. Films, animations, experiments, and a virtual journey through the cosmos explain Einstein's theories in a clear and easy-to-understand way. An audio guide in 9 languages is available to the visitor. 

It was time that defeated me. I had two hours but I still felt I was rushing through the exhibition. I would say that one should set aside at least three hours to take it all in.

No visit would be complete without an Einstein quotation to take away. I jotted down this one: Suspicion is the mother of perception. 

And this telling one from Elsa, his wife:
I wish you had my worries! 

The quotes were on the covers of a couple Time magazines; from 1929 and 1930 respectively.

Munich 1880 - 1894

As a passionate beer drinker I was pleased to learn some cheery beer drinking history - the Einstein family's electrical firm was first firm to illuminate the famous Munich October Beer Festival with electric lights.  (I bet you can win yourself a pint down at the pub with that one Northsider Dave! - we're very educational here you know!)

But things were about to change.

Princeton 1933 - 1955

The time came when the Germans decided they didn't like Albert Einstein and his ilk, even though the family were part of their beloved Munich Beer Festival.

It was in Munich, and through his tirades in the town's Bierkellers and the streets that a certain Herr Hitler, a man who had renounced his Austrian citizenship, came to the forefront of German politics, and eventually into power with a classic false flag operation headed by friend Göring - the Reichstag Fire. 

Albert Einstein went to America.  His final act was to sign the Russell-Einstein Manifesto for Peace which he did seven days before he died.

Here I am sitting with Albert Einstein. We are waiting for the bears. There are four bears in Bern. Mum, dad and their two cubs. Maybe they have names but if they have I have no idea what they are. I forgot to ask the nice lady who showed me a sleeping bear on her monitor.

I wonder if Daddy Bear is called Albert?

In the museum I enjoyed counting muons.  They come from outer space and are very tiny and make sparks in a dark box when they arrive. They are real ETs!  I saw that 10,624 muons had entered  the dark box (I think since 9am). Another trap for the muons is somewhere on the Jungfraujoch. Because it's much higher than Bern more muons can find it. 15,914 was the reading on the counter.

Einstein does not have a grave. His ashes were scattered at an undisclosed location. Princeton is likely.